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Referral Policy

Services at Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialists’ 24-hour facility include specialty care, and emergency care from our collaborative team, Animal Emergency and Critical Care, LLC (AECC).  We accept emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Referrals for emergencies or specialty cases are not required; however, we always recommend that clients first consult with their family veterinarian in order to receive initial guidance.


When you feel it is necessary for one of your patients to visit our specialty team, please fill out our Patient Referral Form and fax (303-678-8855) back to us along with pertinent medical history, radiographs, or blood work. Radiographs may also be submitted via email.


We see ourselves as an extension of the family veterinarian, so once the patient is under our care, we will confer with you on any questions that we may have to ensure the patient receives appropriate care.  We will continue to maintain contact with you until the patient is recovered and can be transferred back to your care.  At that time, we will transfer updated medical records and radiographs back to so that your records are complete.


If your patient requires overnight care after a specialty procedure, we automatically transfer that patient to our emergency team.  However, for emergency cases, the referring veterinarian will be consulted first to request authorization to transfer a patient to the appropriate specialty team for further care, if necessary.  The referring veterinarian may choose to transfer the patient back to his/her own care if they see fit.  Our specialty and emergency teams work very closely to ensure a seamless quality of care for all patients.


In evaluating your patients, we also gladly provide free telephone consultations.  Our specialists will call you to discuss the case after evaluation.

Radiograph Reviews

For potential surgical or internal medicine patients, AMVS surgeons and internists, Dr. Rooney and Dr. Yaphé provide free review of radiographs with no obligation to refer.  When submitting radiographs for review, please include the Radiograph Evaluation Form, and when possible, submit the rads via email.


Radiograph Evaluation Form

Patient Referral Form