Physical Rehabilitation

Specialty Services: Physical Rehabilitation and Therapy

AMVS partners with the leading canine physical rehabilitation and therapy organization in Colorado, Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group (CRCG)CRCG is 100% dedicated to enhancing and/or improving a dog’s life and physical abilities through exercise, recreation, and rehabilitation.

At AMVS, CRCG offers an underwater treadmill, an endless pool, and other physical rehabilitation modalities to aid recovery; certified therapists and veterinarians provide therapy for post-injury or surgery.  CRCG can also assist with other orthopedic conditions, as well as neuromuscular, age, obesity and other physical problems or impairments.

Post-Operative Uses

Common surgeries for which rehabilitation may be helpful include TPLO, cruciate ligament repairs, total hip replacements, fracture repairs, back and neck surgeries, femoral head and neck ostectomies (FHO’s), patella luxations, elbow surgery/arthroscopy, and other orthopedic-related surgery.

Post-Injury Uses

There is potential in all dogs and especially those that are very active or susceptible based on breed for injuries that include but are not limited to knees, shoulders, hips, backs, and necks. Dogs who have suffered injury affecting the muscles, bones, ligaments, or tendons may benefit from rehabilitation.


In humans, geriatric physical therapy covers a wide area of issues addressing normal adult aging, but is usually focused on a much older person. Many conditions affect humans as they age and include but are not limited to: Arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, hip and joint replacement, balance disorders, incontinence and more.  Geriatric physical therapy helps those affected by such problems in developing a specialized program to help restore mobility, reduce pain, increase fitness levels and more.  Canine rehabilitation addresses many of the same conditions in geriatric dogs and is also focused on improving or maintaining mobility, decreasing pain, and providing opportunities to enhance a dog’s overall fitness.

Conditioning Services

Conditioning services are available to owners who want to get their dog in better shape for competition, whether in the show ring or the sports arena, or to simply increase activity levels. The owner may bring their pet in by appointment to use the endless pool or underwater treadmill.

Weight Management

The main goal of obesity and/or weight management is to provide a safe means of exercise in addition to whatever nutritional and medical care the dog is already receiving.  The primary means of exercise is hydrotherapy so the dog can exercise without the added joint stress secondary to obesity. The program will be monitored for the dogs’ tolerance. This is also convenient for the owner, particularly for the owner who is physically unable to walk themselves.

Scheduling and Payment Policy

When applicable, AMVS surgery patients will have rehabilitation built into the surgical invoice.  Beyond what may be included with surgery, any additional appointments, services or questions can be made directly through CRCG.  Please call 303-762-SWIM (7946) for more information.

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